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In order to match each of our customer's specific requirements project specific execution model is assembled from 12 different .. more

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We help you weave threads of technology into your business processes to achieve competitive advantage, boost revenue and market share, operational . . more

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We at NEMO IT believe that technology is only an enabler
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NEMO IT SOLUTIONS, INC. is an American based IT services company and provides cost-effective offshore software development and customer -centric IT services for customers across the globe. Nemo IT Solutions, Inc. leverages its unique software development methodology and global delivery model to successfully implement projects.

Our success is built upon the breadth and mac depth of our technical expertise, our flexibility, and our objectivity – we are hardware and software vendor independent.

We strive to build best quality solutions, transfer with human touch and providing continuous support to assist our clients to achieve high growth. Our purpose is to create maximum employment opportunities and generate entrepreneurs and imbibe entrepreneurial culture mac in the various areas of business across the world.